Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Breakfast by the Bosporus: Menemen

Yesterday, we went to a cafe on the Bosporus to eat breakfast. We got a table against the marble railing, looking out over the water to the the other side of the city.

We ordered a very typical Turkish breakfast called menemen. It's a modified scrambled egg, mixed with tomatoes and peppers and served in a metal pan.

Menemen Recipe:
2 small tomatoes
1 small green bell pepper

1 spicy green pepper (such as a Hungarian wax pepper)

1 tablespoon olive oil

4-5 eggs

Peel and cube tomatoes. Then dice the other ingredients. Sautee in small pre-heated skillet with olive oil until slightly wilted. The peppers should still have some crunch.

Over low heat crack eggs into the skillet and scramble in the skillet cooking until eggs are fairly firm but the entire dish is slightly moist due to the vegetable juices.

Serve with a white, French-style bread.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Istanbul and Zara Home

We're spending the next few weeks in Istanbul visiting family and friends and attending a wedding.

The weather here is beautiful, about 90 degrees during the day and 70 degrees at night. And other than a puny mosquito (at least by Texas standards) that keeps tentatively buzzing by my ear, I have not a care.

I've already had the chance to do a little shopping. I was finally able to see Zara Home first hand. You can read more about my shopping experience on Shak in Style.

I'll be updating whenever I get the chance with photos and stories from Istanbul.

This is the view from our balcony in Tarabya. During prayer time, you can hear the calls of three different mosques mingling together and surprisingly harmonious.

Le Beanock Hammock

Doesn't this look idyllic? It's a hammock crossed with a beanbag. Get the details over at Apartment Therapy LA.