Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wake up to Jeeves with the Voco Clock

The last few days I've been reminiscing about Jeeves and Wooster, (both the books by P.G. Wodehouse and the series starring Hugh Laurie (Dr. House) and Stephen Fry).

It all started last week when I saw the Woodhouse sofa on the Jonathan Adler site, progressed to an unsuccessful attempt to locate my copy of a book of Wodehouse short stories yesterday, and culminated in a link to the Voco clock popping into my in-box a few minutes ago.

The Voco lets you rise and shine to the sound of Stephen Fry as the put-upon, too-smart butler, Jeeves, issuing very encouraging and ever-so-slightly sarcastic summons to take on your day.

If you enjoy the sound clips (hear them here) but want to skip the clock (it's nothing special at about $50), you can download all 50 wake-up greetings for about $14.

If you haven't seen Jeeves and Wooster or read anything by Wodehouse, they would make wonderful additions to your summer reading/watching list.

Thanks to my friend, Pablo, for the tip.

These Dragons Spit Tunes, not Fire

First they made our TVs sleeker, now designers turning their eye for style to those ugly speakers. These Dragon Speakers from Axelsson Design
studio in the UK are available in white, black and red or can be made to any spec color you provide.

If you like sculptural speakers, but dragons aren't your cup of tea, try these Woofers from Cultivate.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Andy Warhol Tacoma Plates

15 minutes of fame? Try 15 minutes to sell out. Two of these Andy Warhol plates from Crate and Barrel are already sold out on the site. Use them indoors or out, but get them soon.

Melamine Tacoma Flower plates with embossed signature on back. $1.95 each from Crate and Barrel.

Thanks to my friend Karen E. for the tip.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Pretty in Pink, Lavender, and Sky Blue

What do you get if you mix a little pink, a pinch of Hollywood glam, and a little fairytale whimsy? The below vignettes from this month's FD-Luxe featuring classics reinterpreted in vibrant hues. I wrote about the vibrant pastel trend in more detail last week on Shak in Style, so I'm happy to see I'm not the only one thinking pink.

To see more photos from the FD-Luxe slide show, click here.

The lavender, lacquered "Duke of Alba" velvet chair caught my eye. $4504 from Allan Knight & Associates.

An whimsical wire loveseat looks like an unlikely bet to support even a slight fashion model. Nonetheless, the F.eH. Campana stainless "Corallo" loveseat seems up to the task. It better be at $4200.

I half expect this lacquered turquoise commode to dance and sing. $1500 from James McInroe, Inc.

Bejeweled Bars

Persephone couldn't resist, and neither can I. This pomegranate bottle opener from the jeweler, Vendura, has won me over, even at $170.

Via Daily Dose.

An equine bottle stopper in matt black gres from Lladro.

$95 at Addison Collection.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mmmm: Meyer Lemon Cake from Domino

I think I'll give this cake a try for Mother's Day. You can find the recipe on the Domino site.