Thursday, May 24, 2007

Patio Set for $199

The retro-inspired Orbit outdoor lounger set is on sale at Crate and Barrel for $199! Summer's barely here and we're already marking down patio furniture? Sounds good to me.

Via Crib Candy.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Tale of Boat Living in NYC: 79th Street Boat Basin

I listen to NPR quite a bit. And I found myself stuck in the car this afternoon in what they call, "a driveway moment," unable to stop listening to a captivating story about house boats in New York City.

The story describes a 50+ -year-old community of live-on boats in the Hudson, where quirky artists, lay-abouts, businessmen, and famous authors (Mario Puzo was once an resident) have lived side-by-side. Residents describe it as an urban village where everybody knows everybody and you're likely to pass a dead body or save a suicidal man in a tux on your way back from the store.

I was most interested in the boat of an artist, described as a cross between an opium den and a Turkish brothel. The images this story paints in your mind more than make up for the lack of accompanying photos.

Take a listen here.

UPDATE: That's the 79th St. Boat Basin, not 57th St. Thanks to Daniel Weiss for the great piece and e-mailing with the correction.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Anais Nin's Hideaway at Silverlake

The LA Times site currently has some lovely photos of Anais Nin's Silverlake 1-bedroom hideaway. The author, famous for her erotic writings and diaries, had just the sort of immaculate and femininely exotic tastes you might expect (especially if you've seen Henry and June).

I am fascinated by this photo of her desk (right). I love the little portrait and the fish sculpture. It has personality but looks clean and minimal.

In the main room of her home, the combination of lavender, fuchsia, blue, gold and brown is so subtle. The decor gains life, femininity and movement from the color, while maintaining a zen-like sense of peace and neutrality.

What a beautiful place to be inspired.

Via Apartment Therapy LA.

Plus Appetizer Plate

Crackers + Dip.
Pita + Hummus.

This porcelain "plus shape" appetizer set is adorable.

$10.99 at Grounded.

Stackable Planters = Living Space Divider

These stackable planters look like aged terracotta, but they're actually made from composite (and light at 15.4 lbs).

Line them up to create a modern railing that looks like something you'd find on a European side-street. Or stack them for a stunning sculpture.

Tuttisuperterra planter, $295.

Via Better Living Through Design.

FLOR for Outdoor

FLOR has some bold outdoor flooring options ready to go for summer.

A modular take on the classic synthetic putt-putt green. Green Acres, $3.71 per sqft.

Swiss cheese anyone? Seeing Spots in Tabby Cat, $.46 per sqft.

Cut it Out in Hummingbird, $4.46 per sqft.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Dinnerware from Driade Kosmo

I saw some gorgeous dinnerware from Driade Kosmo in In Style magazine. I went to the site to see what else they had, and fell in love. Here are a few of my favorite collections:

There's something charming about a salad bowl with legs. Victoria, designed by Oscar Tusquets.

I love the simple symmetry of these pieces from the Bazaar collection.

Oh so Bohemian. Von by Bořek Šĭpek.

Ikea does Brocade Home

Ikea is taking a slight detour from their ultra-simple clean lines with these two pieces (Bedside table, $99, and mirrored chest, $249) from the Hemnes collection.

With decorating tastes leaning towards the ornate, it makes sense for a company like Ikea to embrace Brocade Home's boiled-down takes on the classics, like the Silhouette side table (below), to which Ikea's Hemnes bedside table bares a more than passing resemblance.