Friday, May 02, 2008

One More Penney's Post

So Penney's obviously made an impression on me this afternoon.

Here's another online-only find from their kids/teen department.

I love the colors and the fact that the design is called "marbles". As a kid I always loved marbles. Just to look at. I've never been good at the actual game.

Marbles rug, $49.99-$89.99

PS - Apparently all of Penney's good stuff is online-only, so let your fingers do the walkin'.

Erika Wall Mirror

Penney's continues their reign of awesome with this lovely Moroccan-inspired mirror.

This is another online exclusive, so no need to venture beyond the warming glow of your laptop screen.

Erika mirror, $89

Classic Adirondack at Penney's for Pennies

If you need to get in gear for summer, JC Penney has their collection of Adirondack furniture (chairs and the little folding table) seriously marked down.

These chairs are so classic, you really can't go wrong. Plus, they're made of acacia and fir (yes, real wood) and have weather resistant finishes.

They're only available online or via catalog order, so don't rush out to your local mall.

Adirondack chair, $89
Adirondack table, $25

Surreal Collage

Bird Brain, 8.5"x11" collage

Harebrain, 8.5"x11" collage

Both from Etsy seller dollfacedesign.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Reprint of the Pink Pearl

A smaller, unnumbered print of Jordan Crane's Pink Pearl is now available for $40. Buy it here.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Hello Yellow

Planes? Kites? Birds? I'm not sure, but this is lovely all the same.

20x20 Formation pillow, $110.

Pantone Coffee Mug

The perfect coffee cup for the artist in your life.

Etsy Show & Tell: Eccentric Acrylic Jewelry

In the Etsy shop of Paraphernalia, you will find jewelry inspired by vintage illustrations, 19th century magicians, the odd and the uncanny.

Each piece is made of light-weight acrylic.

Vetements Polka Dot Bow Necklace, $30

Black Widow Brooch, $22