Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Genius S-XL Cake Mold

You can cut the cake as evenly as you like, but someone is always going to want a "small piece."

And now your cake pan will guide you to perfect slices for everyone.

The S-XL Cake Mold, $33.


Halloween Style Year-Round

I just discovered the Blackman Cruz online workshop. They seem to be the source of every amazing, goth-inspired piece that I've ever seen in a magazine, liked, and been unable to locate.

So in honor of Halloween, I am posting my favorite pieces from BC. Even though they are mercilessly out of my price range and just admiring them is pure torture.

Prices are not listed on the site, but Pimp Lighting lists the skull lamp at $2200. Scary.

Sisiphus Bookends

Bronze Skull Lamp

Bronze Bat Incense Burner

Bronze Heart Sculpture

Equus Console

Classic Mirror

Gentleman's Wingback

Monday, October 15, 2007

Paper Sculptures on Etsy

The White Wood, one of five hand-cut paper sculptures by SanFran67.

$70 + shipping.

Discovered thanks to Another Shade of Grey.

DIY Gallery Space

Black built-in shelves really show off these white platters. But you don't need shelves to get the gallery look.

Silk Felt Soil has a how-to that requires only a little paint and some molding.