Friday, January 18, 2008

Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike
12x12" Silk Screen / Acrylic
by Andrea Heimer
$90 here.

Via Decor8.

Bread & Butter, Faster

I've been saying that I'm going to bake a loaf of bread for the past 4 consecutive weekends. I've got all of the ingredients ready to go, but I keep not getting around to it.

I used to make my own bread every week. This was back when I was in college and spending an afternoon in the kitchen was better than writing a 20 page essay.

I want to believe that all that kneading and waiting around makes the bread more delicious, but this No-Time bread recipe from AT:Kitchn has me curious. There's little kneading and you pop the dough in the microwave to accelerate the rising time.

Drew Print Ballet Flats from Target

Enjoy the Isaac Mizrahi for Target goodies while you still can. Word is '08 is our last year to snap up sensibly chic staples like these Drew Print Ballet Flats ($29.99).

Product tip via Black White Bliss.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

DIY Suitcase Planter

My brother made this succulent planter out of a vintage suitcase he found in the garbage, some prefab chair legs and scrap wood.

He lined the inside with plastic, placed potted succulents in the case and covered them with landscaping stone. The stones are heavy, but he reinforced the bottom with support beams and screwed the legs onto the frame underneath.

I showed this photo to a few friends at work and they said it was a very manly planter.

CORRECTION: This suitcase has not been augmented, but the Anthropologie version that inspired this project had a plywood-reinforced bottom.

Linkety Snackums: Tuesday, January 15th

Awesome Camper Van Beethoven / Cracker poster by Michael Wertz. Read an interview with him and see more of his work on sfgirlbybay.

Ceramic trivets printed with stove elements.

Who uses clothespins? I wish I did, because these "crowspins" are adorable.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Adorable Humbuggery

The anti-Valentine's Valentine from marinaowens's etsy shop.

Via Another Shade of Grey.

How to Frost a Cake Without the Mess



so stupid.

You'd think a reasonable human being could figure out that the easiest way to ice a cake and get it onto the cake stand in one piece is to put a little wax paper under it and ice it on the cake stand.

In my case, you'd be wrong.

If you want detailed instructions on how not to ice your cake like a ding-bat, AT:Kitchn has 'em.

Images of Jovovich & Hawk for Target

A first look at the Jovovich and Hawk line for Target via Racked (and Harper's Bazaar). I have to say I'm cautiously optimistic after a long string of Target fashion disappointments.

Though I continue to find great deals from the Isaac Mizrahi collection, I really couldn't get into the last three lines from Target's Go! International. Erin Featherstone skewed too young and girly, I was very disappointed with the quality of the Alice Temperley pieces (I think the designs were too ambitious for the price-point), and Libertine was a little too trendy.

I am sad that we have to wait until March for the Jovovich & Hawk collection to debut. So Target, if you're reading, please make it worth the wait.