Friday, August 03, 2007

Evil Rock Quilts

QuiltsRyche is a site selling amazing, heirloom quality quilts by Boo Davis. These quilts just happen to be a little bit evil and a little bit rock 'n' roll.

I ended up liking these way more than I thought I would, even though they're pricey. They're beautiful and hard-edged and crafty all at once. Plus, they're one of a kind and they'd look as great hung up on a large wall as they would on a bed.

Thanks to my friend Jeff H. for the tip.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Some Style for your Kitchen

Spice up your walls with a series of 30 Patchwork plates by Marcel Wanders. [BLTD]

Preview MoMA's fall food fashions at the Kitchen.

Get a color and a cut with bicycle handle knives from MKS Design. [This Next]

King of Tables

This is the Arthur table for 12 by Extremis was designed to stimulate togetherness while eliminating the problems usually inherent in large tables. The table's diameter is 2.4 meters, the maximum distance that allows good communication between two people. The tables center rotates, to allow everyone access to everything, not that anyone is too far away to hear a request to pass the salt.

€4,799 at P.O.A.A.

Via Design Milk.

Album Art via RSS

Don't let digital downloads prevent you from appreciating the full glory of album art. Check out Sleevage, a new blog about the greatness that is cover art, from the 60s to today.

The site is currently in Beta, but is looking pretty good. Today's post was about one of my personal favorite's, the cover of Keane's Under the Iron Sea. I love those horses.

Via Joshua Blankenship's Weblog.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Oh How I Love You, Nelson Miniature Nine Drawer Chest with Pedestal

When I saw this photo from Amy & David's House Tour on AT: Chicago, I was instantly enamored. I've read that when we see something beautiful, our pupils dilate. And that rings true since I felt a brightening sensation that almost made me teary eyed as I took in this image. Of course, that teariness may also have been cause by our famous Dallas allergens.

This particular Nelson pedestal chest, which reminds me of Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, is a vintage piece. But ATC discovered the chest has been reissued and is available with pedestal via special-order at Room and Board for $1395.

Ottoman Script Vase from Gaia & Gino

I just saw this Cali vase from Gaia and Gino on Design Milk. It immediatly made me think of old Ottoman script.

I went to the G & G site to check it out, and, sure enough, it's a Turkish company. The Cali design is based on The amazingly beautiful Ottoman calligraphy I've seen in Turkish museums and mosques.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No More Slippery Slippers

I have dogs. And because I have dogs, I've learned that barefootin' it is no longer an option. Mysterious drool puddles have a tendency to appear on my wood floors, and I'd rather not discover them with my toes.

As a result, slippers are part of my at-home uniform. But they too have a tendency to end up in unexpected places. Like way, way under the bed, behind the sofa, and under my sneakers in the back of the closet.

This rug is a handy, whimsical solution. Although I strongly suspect this slipper rug would become my dogs' new favorite place to sleep.

Bedside Slippers by Yanko Design. Via This Next.