Friday, January 04, 2008 Gets an Awesome Overhaul

My favorite online charity shop recently got a major face-lift. I just cruised over to to look for some inexpensive art and found an entirely new, easier-to-use home page.

If you shopped the site in the past, you know that items were listed text-only. You had to click each link to see the product. But now, the listings include thumbnail photos of the items, just like eBay.

Hooray Goodwill.

Relic Necklace from Etsy

I'm not usually big on jewelry, but this yellow coral necklace from Etsy seller Mme. Fortuna is quite intriguing.

The piece is from a collection called Relic. Each hand-blown glass orb is filled with an every-day natural item turned "object", like a feather or a bit of earth.

The series is inspired by Victorian morning jewelry.

Each orb measures approximately 1" and hangs on a gold fill chain.

Via ThisNext.