Wednesday, November 22, 2006

More Guy-Approved Gift Ideas

Here are a few more gift ideas under $50 for the guys on your list:

A laptop case or bag

A decanter

A nice bottle of liquor or wine (mentioned by almost every guy who responded)

Bar stuff

A new wallet

A watch (hard to find anything good under $50. Pictured above, the Edge from Fossil. $65)

A framed poster of his favorite movie

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Setting the Table

A little refresher from Apartment Therapy NY. Once you get into their post, click the Farmer's Almanac link for a key to decipher the diagram.

Black Friday Deals

I've never been a fan of Black Friday shopping. It seems the deals are never that great and the crowd is always insane; however, my brother has tipped me off to some sites that offer sneak peaks at the Black Friday deals of major retailers. The best deals seem to be on electronics.

Classic Serve-ware at Crate and Barrel

Classic Century Footed Serving Bowl from Crate and Barrel. $42.95.

Via Apartment Therapy Los Angeles.

'Tis the Season to Pop a Cork

A great post from Apartment Therapy on the top 10 wine openers.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Guy Gift Ideas from the Experts

Thanks to the guys who are sending in ideas. Here are a few suggestions for gifts straight from the guys' mouths:

Road Rage Flash Cards, $19.99. This was one of the few samples of this product fit to print. The idea: express your annoyance with the drivers around you via this handy flip-book of germane phrases.

Sega-Genesis 6-in-1 Plug and Play TV Game, $29.99. Includes throw-back games Sonic the Hedgehog, Golden Axe, Altered Beast, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Kid Chameleon and Flicky.

Barneys' Pricey Candy Trees: DIY

Barneys is a usually a great place to find a parking place at North Park mall so I've been passing through the store quite often on my holiday shopping trips. The store has a great selection of unique housewares that are relatively affordable. Yesterday I saw these gum drop and lollipop topiaries at Barneys for $88 - $125!

They're cute, but that's a little pricey. If you're feeling crafty, these are pretty easy to put together with materials from your local craft and grocery stores. For the gumdrops, simply use toothpicks to attach the candies to the form. For the lollipops, the sticks will do the job. I made a gumdrop wreath a few years ago. I had to buy 7 bags of gumdrops to get enough white ones to make a 8" wreath, but it was a fun distraction for a do-nothing Thanksgiving weekend.

The cone-shaped topiary will be simpler to put together

Supplies (almost all available at a local craft store such as Michaels, Hobby Lobby or Joann's):

Foam forms
A base
Various ribbons (if desired)
Craft glue
Candies of choice (may need to stop by the grocery for these)
Craft paint (if desired)

For the base of the cone, a painted wood disc or a large, flat glass candle holder would work. Simply glue the cone to the base.

For the ball-shaped topiary, a small pot with stones for weight and craft foam glued inside for support of the wooden dowel would work. This one will be harder to support because of the weight of the upper ball and may require some experimentation. I found more detailed instructions on this version here.

Do Marketers Know What Guys Want?

For that matter, do I? Answer: Probably not.

Thanks to an anonymous comment about whether or not guys actually use bowls (incidentally, they probably don't), I decided to check some retailers' sites for gift ideas for "him," in hopes of educating myself as to what to get the guys on my list. The first item on one retailer's list was a crock pot (??) followed by kitchen items and old stand-bys like a watch and a road-side emergency kit.

If you're trying to buy for a guy in the under $50 range, what are your choices outside of ties and car-wash kits? You could always fall back on a gift card, but that feels so generic.

If there are any guys out there - HELP!

Need More Chairs?

Need more seating for the holidays? Here are a couple of inexpensive options.

The Terje folding chair from Ikea, $12.99

Set of two bamboo folding chairs, $49.99 at