Wednesday, November 22, 2006

More Guy-Approved Gift Ideas

Here are a few more gift ideas under $50 for the guys on your list:

A laptop case or bag

A decanter

A nice bottle of liquor or wine (mentioned by almost every guy who responded)

Bar stuff

A new wallet

A watch (hard to find anything good under $50. Pictured above, the Edge from Fossil. $65)

A framed poster of his favorite movie


.:: a e r ! k u h ::. said...

by the way, you can't generally get a good framing job for under a $100. you can get those crappy frames at michaels or wherever... BUT, a little suggestion:

these are contempoary, cool, inexpensive alternatives to framing:


i found some places locally that sell them but can't remember where at the moment :) probably west elm, and perhaps ikea.

My Marrakech said...

Cool ideas. Figures guys would like a bottle of liquor. LOL! Nice watch, too.

PS Come visit my blog if you get a chance - I just posted on my Moroccan guest house design. Lemme know what you think.