Monday, November 20, 2006

Do Marketers Know What Guys Want?

For that matter, do I? Answer: Probably not.

Thanks to an anonymous comment about whether or not guys actually use bowls (incidentally, they probably don't), I decided to check some retailers' sites for gift ideas for "him," in hopes of educating myself as to what to get the guys on my list. The first item on one retailer's list was a crock pot (??) followed by kitchen items and old stand-bys like a watch and a road-side emergency kit.

If you're trying to buy for a guy in the under $50 range, what are your choices outside of ties and car-wash kits? You could always fall back on a gift card, but that feels so generic.

If there are any guys out there - HELP!

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K said...

I have four brothers.
They have never appreciated clothes so I stopped doing that. Only one of the four liked cologne but he died so I stopped doing that.
They like things they can play with (besides themselves) - I've hit it big in the past with any kind of remote car or plane, boardgames (they like to compete and win so make it easy...), any kind of video game and sometimes sports memorabilia.
This year my brother got a personalized NFL locker room photo and he went nuts. Best thing I ever did.