Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Anais Nin's Hideaway at Silverlake

The LA Times site currently has some lovely photos of Anais Nin's Silverlake 1-bedroom hideaway. The author, famous for her erotic writings and diaries, had just the sort of immaculate and femininely exotic tastes you might expect (especially if you've seen Henry and June).

I am fascinated by this photo of her desk (right). I love the little portrait and the fish sculpture. It has personality but looks clean and minimal.

In the main room of her home, the combination of lavender, fuchsia, blue, gold and brown is so subtle. The decor gains life, femininity and movement from the color, while maintaining a zen-like sense of peace and neutrality.

What a beautiful place to be inspired.

Via Apartment Therapy LA.


Derek Davidson said...

The main room is gorgeous. I feel calmer after looking at it!

Great post

Sarah said...

Thanks for the nice comment. :)

I wish this home were bigger just so there would be more to look at.