Saturday, April 15, 2006

Target's Design Democracy Rules

If you haven't seen Target's new catalog (copies came out in the Friday DMN and through the mail today), take a little detour to Not only does the new catalog look more like something from Restoration Hardware, the new products are beautiful and truly affordable. I'm not talking about what design magazines call "affordable," I'm talking about things you can afford if you skip Starbucks for the rest of the month (even if you're just a one-a-dayer).

Not all of the new catalog items are available online, including some adorable dinnerware in "Black Band" and "Damask," and the complete line of Riedel glassware.

If you are a Target junkie like me, you've probably seen some of these products appearing in local stores and online over the last 12 months, but here are a few of my favorites.

Clockwise from top left: Mission Armchairs. Set of 2. $179.99 (online only) Waverly Metro Decorative Pillow - Black White. $19.99 Brushed Nickel Column Table Lamp. $59.99 Lodge Enamel 3-qt. Apple Pot in Green. $99.99 (online only)

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lucesco said...

Cool new site! I like it! As for Target, I am also a major junkie. I am not really a shopper, but for them I make time and give them my debit card on a regular basis. Love that pillow by the way..