Saturday, May 27, 2006

Dean and Deluca Update

From the DMN's Shop Better Here blog:

Is Dean & DeLuca coming to Dallas? Well, we heard just now from D&D CEO Pat Roney, who tells us:

"The only thing we're saying at this point is that we're interested in Dallas. We're looking for a new location there. We don't have a location ID'd at this point, but we hope to be there sooner rather than later."
Of the hot Oak Lawn-Uptown area, he says: "The demographics of that area are strong," especially given its proximity to the disposable incomes of the Park Cities. Mr. Roney acknowledges that because Dallas is so well known as a foodie town, "We'd definitely like to be there -- that's an important area for us."
So ... more on this whenever there's something more to know.

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