Friday, May 19, 2006

Mesquite is for More than Smoking Meat

You can't really say that mesquite is making a comeback since it's never been used for much other than making BBQ, but Ann Sachs introduced a mesquite wood tile at the Chicago Kitchen/Bath Show which is making quite a splash as a resilient and naturally sustainable product. If you've ever tried to cut one down, you know that mesquite wood is extremely hard and the trees extremely tenacious. They will grow anywhere.

If you think this is a fluke, HGTV recently featured mesquite flooring on their "I Want That" program. Bottom line, big name designers beat us to the punch on making our prickley weed tree trendy. The worst part is, it's a great idea.

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Anonymous said...

It is great for flooring - it's not only lovely, but it is actually about four times more stable and twice as hard as the already durable and popular Red Oak.

You can read more on mesquite flooring and other great hardwoods at A1 Wood Flooring.