Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tiny Art

If you are interested in putting something on your walls that won't show up at your neighbor's, you cousin's, and your sister-in-law's next week, check out Tiny Showcase. This site features a new limited edition run of an original artwork each week. Oh, and did I mention that the prints are about 4"x5" and cost $20? You can get a whole wall of tiny limited edition prints that pack a serious design wallop for a fraction of the cost of that sad 90s CD collection you keep in the back closet. As a bonus, most of the prints will fit in prefab frames. Most pieces seem to sell out quickly, so sign up for the free e-mail alert.

This week's print, shown above: "Buildings on Nicollet Island, 1921 - 1944" by Rebecca Silus. 4.25"x5.75" $20.00 (sold out).

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