Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Shopping Deals on ebates.com

A deal hunting friend ran across a convenient way to get cash-back for shopping online, a site called ebates.com. Registration is free. All you need is your e-mail address. Once registered, you can search through hundreds of online store listings, all offering discounts and rebates ranging from 2-25%. Ebates makes their money by earning a commission on the sales they refer. They kick-back a large portion of that commission to you as a rebate. Here are a few of the rebate listings I found this morning:

Neiman Marcus: 3%
Home Depot: 3 %
Uncommon Goods: 6%
BestArt: 12%
Sur La Table: 4%
Target: 4%

Special deals and coupons are also available on the site. Happy shopping!


Anonymous said...

Long-time user of Ebates, they've been around FOREVER and have never been late sending me my money. I save like $200 every check they send me, on stuff I was going to buy anyway. I think people are crazy not to use this site. 100% free, no risk site that pays you real cash back... Why they aren't universally known is beyond me. I've shopped through ebates for over six YEARS and never had a single problem getting my rebate check. No forms, couldn't be an easier site to use. Love Ebates!

Sarah said...

That's great to hear. Thanks for the feedback.