Sunday, July 02, 2006

Trend Watch: No More White Trim

I'm tired of white trim. When we bought our home last year, I dreamed of repainting the living room doors, built-ins, and trim in a chartreuse. After a brief foray into trim painting in our extra bedroom (we use it as an office, and the teal wall color we chose made the white trim look sad), I have realized this is a job best left to the professionals or the infinitely patient.

Our home was built in the 50s, and though I hate to admit this, the trim paint on our bedroom door has a few chips and cracks. Underneath several coats of white, I can see that the original trim color was a grey-green. Clearly, trim used to be the domain of more than white and cream.

A few weekends ago, we trekked out to Stonebridge Ranch to take a look at new homes. We found a charming neighborhood of craftsman-style homes by Darling, which offered the option of taupe trim. It looked great on the vintage-style mouldings. I've also recently run across several posts about colored trim on Apartment Therapy. Doors and trim are meant to be decorative. Unless it's a part of the room design, there's no reason they have to be white. Let's hope this is the beginning of the end of dull trim.

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Anonymous said...

completely with you on this one. already started painting the trim & doors for one room. -j