Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dallas Gardening Disappointments

In my gardening experience in Dallas I have had a few surprise disappoints. My failures may be due to gardener error, but here is a small list of things I can't keep alive:

Oregano and Mint: These are by far my greatest and most shameful failures. Oregano grows in the rocky soil of Greece, but apparently either hates me or doesn't have the fortitude to survive a Dallas July. I have tried this hardy herb both in a pot placed in the shade and in the garden in full sun. My potted specimen is still struggling along, but my garden oregano shriveled up and died in mid-July.
My mint growing is equally sad. I have a potted mint specimen that I have grown inside and out side and have killed in both locations due to lack of water (despite several waterings weekly). It always comes back from the root, poor thing. I haven't tried this herb in the ground because it tends to take over.

Calla Lillies: I don't take the credit for my calla lilly disaster. I really think callas aren't a good fit for the average Dallas yard. I grew some in a pot for several years on a shady porch and they were very happy, but the callas I planted in my yard in mostly-shade have promptly died. The first two plants died after I mulched, apparently due to rot at the base of the leaf stems. The last two plants died this month from what I can only guess is heat exhaustion.

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