Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Antiques of the Future

I'm a little late getting around to this post, but Apartment Therapy linked to a site called Antiques of the Future a few weeks back. The site and a book by the same name are authored by Lisa Roberts, collector of future antiques. Here are a few of her criteria for the objects included in the collection:

1. The object must have strong and immediate visual appeal.
2. The object must be massed produced.
3. The object must have been designed and produced in the past 50 years.
4. The object should not be produced with the intent of it being "collectible."
5. The object may have been exhibited in museums or galleries.
6. The object may be in a museum's permanent collection.
7. The object may have been published.
8. The object may have won design awards.
9. The object's designer may have been recognized for preceding designs.

More info (and pictures of the entire collection) at

From what I can tell I don't own any future antiques, but I really wish I owned this knotted chair by Marcel Wanders.

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