Friday, December 29, 2006

2007 Trends: Terrariums

I ran across this post about terrariums on Design*Sponge. Of course, it takes seeing something more than a few times before it really grabs my attention and I have seen tidbits about terrariums in more than a few design magazines over the past few months and I expect to see more in the coming months. I would guess that terrariums are the new succulents.

If you want to throw together a quick terrarium, try these hurricane candle holders and alabaster bases from West Elm. I saw them in the store during the after Christmas sale and really thought they were meant for plants. They have a vent at the top of the dome that will keep moisture in while allowing the air to circulate.

Glass Hurricanes $49-$69
Alabaster Slab, free but shipping is $12-$24


CeLee said...

these are becoming quite the modern snow globe... nice!

Sarah said...

They sure are. First it was the succulent craze and I suppose this is a natural follow-up fad. I used to have a coke-bottle terrarium as a kid. I guess those don't look quite this pretty.