Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Inside the Home of Artist Amy Ruppel

This photo of artist Amy Ruppel's from Design*Sponge tugged at my heart strings. Notice the amazing wood paneling on her walls. My grandfather, an ornamental iron smith, used a similar paneling in the retirement home he built from scratch near Austin, Texas. He achieved this look by taking sheets of wood and having them sand-blasted until the grain stood out in relief. He then rubbed the panels with a silvery paint. The look is both rustic and elegant. I have never seen this style outside his retirement cabin. What a beautiful way to bring the warmth of wood into the home.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks! We love our 1962 split-level home... this sandblasted plywood is all throughout the foyer area, and we'll never remove it or paint it. It's so rich and warm... I have the same bird doorbell as you do too! Will be sending more pics to design*sponge of our home full to the brim with fun art I'd like to share with everyone. Thanks again! Glad you loved it.
-@my ruppel

Sarah said...

Thanks for stopping by Amy. I look forward to seeing more pics from your home. I am hoping I can find a way to work sand-blasted wood into my next home. I just have to convince my husband first. :) I'll have to take photos of my grandfather's home the next time I'm there.