Friday, February 02, 2007

Target Site Table Round-up

I spent a little time today searching for end tables. I didn't find what I was looking for (which is inexpensive white lacquer end tables), but they did have some really great things. I adore Target, but find their site a little hard to sift through with so many choices and no truly effective way to sort through them to the things you want. So here is the best of what I found:

Zig Zag Table, $239.99 at

Kona Siennah Side Table, $199.99 at

The Offi Martini Table, $99.99 at

The Light Block Table, $299.99 at

I'm not too fond of how this was photographed, but the piece is so simple and functional, and available in many colors. The Stockholm Cylinder, about $140 for the tray and cylinder at

Ok, this isn't an end table, but it is a great red leather ottoman-sleeper in the style of Storehouse Furniture's (but about $300 less!). It pops-out into a twin-sized bed! It's a little bit pricey, but well rated by buyers. Red Leather Ottoman Sleeper, $599.99 at


Erika said...


Did you check West Elm for a lacquer table? They might have a few:

sarah said...

Yes I did and I love their parsons side table. They were just a little more than I wanted to spend at the moment. I ended up at Ikea this weekend, and found a set of three nesting tables for $60. :)