Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cast Your Own Concrete Sink

My brother is about to renovate the kitchen in his Austin home. The style of the homes there is a casual mix of modern and rustic. As a result, he is leaning towards materials like slate and concrete.

He just sent me a link to the Buddy Rhodes Web site, which features concrete mix and concrete molds for creating your own decorative counter tops and floors.

The company sells 4 different sink molds (this is the work of the oval mold) from $640 - $800. I love the results, but this is work I will have leave to the more adventurous among you.


susan said...

Good luck on his renovation! Slate is GOOD for kitchen countertops. The kind you want to get comes from the northeast. It's denser than granite and impervious to stains. You just get these little white marks on it, which wipe away. That concrete sink is dreamy!h

Sarah said...

Thanks for the advice on slate. I had no idea there were several kinds.

susan said...

:-) Feel free to seek me out for more detailed information on slate.