Thursday, March 01, 2007

Finally an Attractive Reclining Sofa

I've been griping about my husband's recliner for the duration of our marriage. Not because I'm a total nag. Not even because it's ugly (which, compared to the average puffy brown ultra-suede number, it is not). I gripe about it because a recliner has always meant that we can't sit together.

My husband wants the recliner because he has back pain. I can understand that. I sit in it when he's out of town and it's quite comfortable. I have always pined for a reclining sofa, but the options I've seen tend to be, well, hideous. They have built-in cup holders. Enough said.

Now I finally have a viable option for reclining and togetherness. Crib Candy featured this amazingly beautiful leather reclining sofa available in 16 colors! It is available as a 1, 2, and 3 seater. I couldn't find a price on the iqmatics site that sells this piece (don't you hate that!), but my guess is I'd have to save up for quite a while to afford one of these.


K said...

Am so glad you posted this. I'm looking for a new couch that does exactly this - to go in my new house.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing piece. It is fully automatic. Nice. I love couple other pieces on the web site such as Martin sofa that converts to huge chaise.

Anonymous said...

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