Friday, March 09, 2007

Minimalism + Goth: Can't Wait to See It

I scanned across an aside in AT Chicago that piqued my curiosity this afternoon. Designer Kara Mann (pictured left), has a penthouse which is, "a paean to minimalism with decidedly goth undertones." I'll admit I had to look up paean (song of praise), but once I cleared that up, I was even more interested. The quote goes on to say that most of the rooms in her penthouse are painted brown so dark they're almost black.

I love dark color on the walls. I've experimented for years with a mocha brown in my living room and a charcoal gray in the bedroom and bathroom. We also have an almost-black deep teal in our home-office. I like the colors we chose, but always considered going darker, maybe even to a matte black in our sunnier rooms.

I love the look of minimalism, but I never see minimalist rooms with dark paint. When I redecorate, minimalism was the direction I was planning to head. I'd even been toying with the idea of going white in the living room and I was feeling a little sad about the whole thing.

Luckily, Ms. Mann's home will be featured in the upcoming issue of Metropolitan Home, which I will plan to track-down like a bloodhound. I only hope the style is a interesting as it sounds.

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