Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dark Art and Lemony Walls

I'm all about contrasts today. Phoebe at Silk Felt Soil has just posted this image of dark paintings on a lemony yellow wall from the May Domino. I'm bitterly jealous that she's already home reading it. But she has it right when she comments that there is something too peppy about yellow walls.

I love this room because the vintage art is really toning the color down. The yellow frames really make the transition flawless. These dark images would be too much if they had been framed in black.

Just swap out the girly furniture for something a little more subtle, and even the gloomiest of pessimists can enjoy the yellow trend with out reservation.

This is from the May '06 issue. I was thinking this was from June '07 Domino, which isn't out yet. Apartment Therapy has a sneak peek at the June cover here.

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Phoebe said...

sarah-- we're totally in sync on this one-- i agree that if framed in black, the room would look like a bad bumble bee costume... you're right-- the frame issue is key here.