Monday, August 06, 2007

Worth Watching: Welcome to the Parker

I did a lot of channel surfing this weekend. And something that caught my eye as I flipped through the stations is Bravo's series, Welcome to the Parker.

The show follows the staff of the Parker, a gorgeous Palm Springs resort hotel, as they bend over backwards to cater to their demanding guests. But what makes it so worth watching is that the whole place was designed by Jonathan Adler in a style that he calls "Happy Chic."

I loved the second episode, in which Adler himself heads to the Parker to check in on the decor and offer advice on how to keep it up to his exacting standards. It was a great peak into what Adler was thinking when he created the design and the drive that makes him so successful. Plus, he plays the property manager at ping pong. Bravo is streaming the episode online now.

I love this "Periodicals" sign!


Karen said...

OOh....what a cool hotel. I especially love the retro look with all the oranges and greens.
Hotel on my list.

franki durbin said...

It has been a treat watching the show. Although the staff seems less than qualified, the hotel is a delight to view. We love Adler's "Happy Chic" approach to hospitality design as well!