Monday, September 17, 2007

Alice Temperley's Target Line is Kind of Totally Disappointing

First, it looks like these little fashion posts are going to become a part of my regularly scheduled blogging. I just can't stay away.

Second, I've been Target-stalking all weekend in anticipation of their new Go International line by Alice Temperley. I wanted to try everything on before the stuff sold out. But I'd have to guess that sell-outs won't be an issue. It was a total disappointment.

I love Target and I love the idea of democratizing design. But I was really unhappy to find that pretty much the entire A.T. collection was made of synthetic fabrics. I mean the cheapy kind of black polyester you'd expect to find in the costume isle.

Second, the styles just felt so 1990s. Super-short baby-doll dresses made from gauzey poly-crepe in black and navy, bell-sleeved dress coats, unflattering cuts, big metal buttons, a sweater vest that looks like a doily, a blue-jean jump suit, garish prints. I mean the Libertine stuff wasn't my style either, but at least I could see how someone else might look cute in it.

There were a few Temperley designs that might be salvageable when paired with items from outside the collection, including this $140 cropped leather jacket and a Swiss-dot see-through blouse that might look nice under a jacket.

I also thought this cobblestroller might be nice, though they were sold out of my size and I didn't try it on.

So here's hoping that the Erin Featherstone collection will be better.

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Kelleigh said...

I was curious to know how the introduction of designer lines at Target would shape up. Disappointing this time!