Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Where are Dallas' Horse Communities?

I stumbled across this NYT article about a Burbank, CA community that is fighting to keep Whole Foods out because they are worried about increased car traffic in a neighborhood where people are inclined to trot about on horse-back. What I can't believe is that LA has a neighborhood with a barn and Dallas really doesn't. I know there is a small barn near White Rock Lake and a few small barns in Garland (which is not on my list of places I'd love to live), and one in Las Colinas (which is sooooo expensive) but nothing like what is pictured here.

I've scoured new community listings and have yet to find a new equestrian-friendly community going up anywhere. What if you want to ride and enjoy the city life?

Has anyone run across a good near-town barn lately?

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Anonymous said...

fisher & trammel. near mockingbird/lovers/nw hwy.