Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Edited Collection

Here's a little before and after on the editing of my collection of stuff. Unfortunately, in the haze of emotion (I didn't get through this process without a few tears), I neglected to take any real before photos of the living room shelves. Let's just say they were quite cluttered, as was the room. We have a small house and yet we have a sofa, recliner, and a round love seat in the living room. We also have a TV stand, two coffee tables and two end tables.

I took the two end tables, which were solid wood and painted gold, out and separated our lighter-feeling Thomas O'Brien nesting tables (which I was using together as a coffee table) to use as end tables. The result is a room that is much lighter feeling, though still not really what I want.

I've realized that I am going to have to make some changes to my accent furniture to achieve a more minimal feel. That's going to have to wait a little while.

I would like to replace my current coffee and end tables with modern, white pieces. The great thing is that stores like Target, West Elm and Ikea are making decor almost as disposable as fashion. When I say disposable, I don't mean to imply being wasteful. I will donate or store anything I am no longer using.

The important thing is that I put together a plan before I start over on the living room. I'll be pulling images from magazines and doing some research over the next few weeks. I'm hoping to decide on a new design and roll it out in phases as my budget allows.

Living room shelf before the edit and with Christmas cards.

Dining room sideboard before the edit.

Coffee table before.

Living room after (please try to ignore the bike trainer).

More of the living room after.

Dining room sideboard after.


K said...

Looks great, Sarah.

Sarah said...


trendoffice said...

Most impressing is this striped armchair. It can be an excellent focal point in a minimalistic room

Sarah said...

Thank you. I agree. I need to make some changes to the paint color and accents, but my plan was to make this piece the star of the room.