Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Clutter

Below are some photos of my clutter. I've pulled everything out and I am beginning to sort through it all. What I've realized is that my decorating issues go beyond my knick knacks. I've got some good core pieces, like my sofa and lounge chair. I also have some nice pieces that fit the style I want, like the Nambe vase. Unfortunately, I need to rethink everything else.

Italian plates and other ceramics from around the house.

The day-glow owl sculpture.

A Nambe vase we received as a wedding gift.

Miscellaneous items ranging from garage sale finds to the silver boat my in-laws brought chocolate in for our engagement party.


My Marrakech said...

I know what you mean on this. I had an argument with my husband today about getting an interior designer to help but he is very anti. Frustrating because I need a little help getting to where I want to go.

Kristen said...

Definitely keep the Nambe Vase. It is beautiful, and white is totally "in" right now.