Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snow Bound

You've probably heard about the winter weather that is blasting the Southwest, so I probably don't need to mention that Dallas is getting a little snow and sleet. Of course, in Dallas, a little snow and sleet means a paralyzed city. Most of the schools and offices are closed, including my office.

Luckily, I spent the weekend in NYC which had great weather and was amazing. I had never been (I know, it's terrible). We got held up at the airport Monday night for about 8 hours, so I am just now getting to my computer for the week. Hopefully being house-bound will give me time to get caught up on my magazines, blogs, and Web surfing.

FYI - LaGuardia has mice after 10 pm. They're kind of cute and certainly entertaining if you've had nothing to do but read tabloids for 6 hours straight.

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