Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Customizing Wall-Mount Cabinets

I found this photo on an Apartment Therapy SLinks post referencing the custom-painted blinds. That's a great idea, but I was much more interested in what the designer of this room has done with those wall-mounted cabinets.

It looks as though you could mimic this by taking two cabinet units, mounting them to the wall, adding three custom legs, painting it out, and abracadbra - you have a custom hutch.

With the steep prices of large-scale furniture, this sounds like a very practical solution for any room. I also love the idea of putting feet or short legs on kitchen cabinetry. I think giving built in cabinets a furniture feel really warms up an otherwise very utilitarian space. Unfortunately, it also makes for a lot of extra sweeping


Anonymous said...

Sarah: The nice thing about those tall legs on the cabinet is that they are really tall so it is easy to clean under. Mom

Sarah said...

These would be easy to clean under. I think these are a little too tall, though.

erika said...

I love the way you think!

Sarah said...

Thanks. :)