Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Little Spring Spruce-Up: My Sun Room

Meet my old sun room. It spent the winter as more of a mud room. It's my doggie base-camp. My dogs go in and out of the yard from this room. I wipe mud off of their feet of here. I dust grass and leaves out of their fur here. This is where their toys are kept. This is where my exercise gear is.

Not surprisingly, I've put off decorating it.

One little problem. It's also our guest room. And my Mother and Father-in-Law will be staying with us next month.

So, I started a little spring cleaning. I opened the curtains, cleaned every slat of glass in those louvered windows, swept the rug, dusted, but it still wasn't anything special. Inspired by HGTV's Freestyle, I made a trip to the attic to see what I could use for the room. Luckily, when I down-sized my stuff a few months back , I kept everything.

I was able to put together a cute, quirky room with just what I found in my own home. I only added the two gold end tables, a few vases, the parrot clock, the two zebra stools, and a watercolor. Can you believe that everything but the painting once lived in my tiny living room? Hooray clutter!

I hadn't spent more than a few minutes in this room for the last 12 months, but now that the room is spiffy, I spent my whole Sunday there reading magazines on my lounge chair and listening to my dogs play in the yard.


Anonymous said...

Looks great!

Sarah said...

Thank you. :)