Friday, March 23, 2007

Table-less Dining Done Right

The picnic season is fast approaching and dining outdoors is getting a little bit easier thanks to designer Wolf Udo Wagner. Urbana, his light-weight dining set for urban eating al-fresco, is a wonderful alternative to wasteful paper plates or toting around your good china.

Each plate comes with a multi-use utensil which functions not only as fork, knife, and spoon, but also as an integrated handle which turns the plate into a tray. The plates can be turned facing one another and locked with a screw, holding the accompanying cups and utensils inside.

Urbana products are for sale at, a Swedish design site; however, when I clicked the “buy” button, I got an “under construction” error. It sounds as though the product will be officially available starting this May.

Via the David Report.

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