Thursday, October 19, 2006

D Home Blog's Review of West Elm

The D Home blog has given the new West Elm a glowing review. I hope to check it out this weekend, but don't know that I have the patience to surf the crowd.


Hannah and I are awestruck from our jaunt to Mockingbird Station. The biggest West Elm opens tomorrow morning (see you at 10 a.m.), and, boy, is Dallas in for a treat. A few highlightsÂ… jump with us

Bamboo throw (less than $50), hip holiday ideas (animal ornaments--goldfish, owls, grasshoppers; mirrored tree garlands; sequin stockings; all in vivid colors), Enchanted Forest line (silver, white, black, and oh so glam), British Eccentric line (dark greens, blues, peacock motif), Wabi Sabi red Asian line (love it).

Be sure to grab a cart because you'll need it. Check out the chair wall with all their latest looks and colors. There's a 10,000-square-foot storage area, so bring the cash and carry out the look.

FYI - the West Elm site is also having a Fall sale on select items.


Rothko said...

We just got one of these within walking ditance of our place, too. I bought some wall shelves here last spring and I think we decided they didn't really go where we thought they would. But we waited to long to return them, so now they're sitting in storage. Oh well. Maybe our next place.

Sarah said...

Bummer. They're stuff seems to hold up to changing trends, so I'm sure you'll find a place for those shelves.

We have a futon and two benches we ordered from the catalog. The service was excellent. We got a damaged piece. The return was simple. They picked up the next day and had the new item out by the end of the week. Of course, they paid the return shipping.