Thursday, October 19, 2006

Storehouse Furniture Going Out of Business

No one seems sure why, but Storehouse Furniture is going out of business. If I had to guess at the cause, I would say high prices. All merchandise is currently 20-40% off.


K said...

I recently did notice the store at Southlake going under. I couldn't believe it. I had bought most of my furniture there a while ago. I don't think they could compete with Pottery Barn & Crate & Barrel.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah!

I've got an explanation and some news links in this blog post:

Storehouse is the victim of its parent company's bankruptcy. There was no interest buyer for the division, so its assets are being liquidated.

Hope this helps. Also, check out my thoughts on West Elm. I'm curious to hear if you agree!

Anonymous said...

I love store house myself and sad to see it's going out of business I am going there today with my husband to see what's left that we can buy I really love their furniture and hope it will come back some day again.

Anastasia VA Beach