Thursday, September 13, 2007

Plate Hanger Innovation

I love hanging plates on the wall. They are great for visual pop, relatively inexpensive, and easily changed when the mood strikes. But, I absolutely hate those wire plate hangers.

First, I always get my fingers pinched while I'm trying to stretch the springs and get the hooks over the edge of the plate. Second, I hate the way the little hook tips look against the plate's surface. They're distracting and can chip the edges. And third, when I walk through the house, I can hear the little metal springs vibrating (curse of a pier-and-beam).

Today I found out that there is a solution, thanks to decor8. She found adhesive plate hangers (shown right). They stick on and come off when soaked in warm water. They're imported from England and available at A.C. Moore (which we don't have in Dallas) and online here.

I can finally hang an awesome plate collage, like the one above, without a puncture wound.


Anonymous said...

It would be unfortunate if humidity causes the adhesive to unstuck.

Sarah said...

The label on the product says "tested." But I guess that you could hang up a less valuable plate for a month or so to test it out.

Mr&Mrs said...

What a great idea! Cool idea to hide the hanger altogether so it doesn't detract from the look of the plate or (like you mentioned), leave chips. Thx for sharing. BTW, I love the plate collage pic you posted. So clean and colorful! Sometimes I need to be reminded that a lot can be done with very simple items.